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FALL 2023

September 1    SkillsUSA Kansas fiscal year 2023-2024 begins

September 6-7 SkillsUSA Kansas New Advisor Workshop - Hutchinson, KS

September 7     Annual Advisor Workshop & Board Elections - Hutchinson, KS

September 20   All District Meetings in person w/State Director joining by Zoom

     District Locations District 1 (NW) – Northwest Kansas Technical College Goodland, KS

     District 2 (NC) – Salina Area Technical College Salina, KS

     District 3 (NE) – Olathe Advanced Technical Center Olathe, KS

     District 4 (Wichita) – OCT. 4th WPS AMAC (All day event) Wichita, KS

     District 5 (SW) – ***** ***** District 6 (SC) – Hutchinson Career Tech Ed Academy Hutchinson, KS

     District 7 (SE) – Labette County High School Altamont, KS

September 21    District Officer Data Form submitted to State Office -

September 25    State Officer (SO) Candidate Intent to Run Application Due -


November 6       State Officer Candidate Boot Camp - Hutchinson, KS

November 7-10  Fall Leadership Conference (3 ½ Day event) - Hutchinson, KS

     SkillsUSA Chapter Training

     Leadership Championships

     Delegate Sessions & Election of State Officers

     Community Service Projects

     Business Industry Tours

November 10     Board of Directors Meeting - Hutchinson, KS

November 15     Fall Membership Deadline

December 7-9    State Officer Training Session TBA



Jan. 9-10     HS State Officers Citizenship Day & SO Meeting - Topeka, KS

Jan. 16-17   PS State Officers Legislature Day & SO Meeting - Topeka, KS


Feb. 5-9      SkillsUSA Week – CTE Program Awareness

Feb. 15        Spring Membership Deadline (Membership must be paid by March 1st)

Feb. 20        Kansas State Championships (KSC) Registration Opens


March 1       KSC Early Bird Registration Closes

March 1       SkillsUSA Kansas Board of Director Applications Due -

March 1       SkillsUSA Kansas Scholarship Applications Due -

March 1       Tyler Loomis Memorial Scholarship Applications Due -

March 1       Chapter Excellence Program (CEP) Applications Due

March 8        KSC Registration Deadline (KSC Registrations must be paid by April 1st)

March 19      Board of Directors Meeting - Hutchinson, KS

March 19      Contest Chair Luncheon - Hutchinson, KS

March 19-20 State Officer Meeting - Hutchinson, KS


April 1           KSC Registration Payment Deadline

April 22-26    KSC Conference Courtesy Corps Teams - Hutchinson, KS

April 24-26    KSC Conference Hutchinson, KS May 3 National (NLSC) Registrations Deadline (paid by June 1st)


May 3            State Gold Medalist Banquet Registration Deadline

May 31          State Gold Medalist Banquet with State Representatives - Topeka, KS


June 1           NLSC Registration Payment Deadline June 4-5 CTSO State Officer Workshops - TBA

June 21-29    SkillsUSA NLSC Pre-Conference (Leverage; Engage; Activate) - Atlanta, GA

June 24-28    SkillsUSA National Championships (NLSC) 5 days-  Atlanta, GA


July 9             Board of Directors Meeting 10 am - TBA


August 31      SkillsUSA Kansas fiscal year 2023-2024 end

Dates and Locations are tentative and subject to change

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