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SkillsUSA Kansas Board of Directors

Rod Murphy.jpg

Rod Murphy

Business and Industry Representative, President

DEPCO Enterprises, LLC

"SkillsUSA provides numerous events and opportunities in which students and instructors can strengthen their career goals and add value to their future endeavors."

Craig Bennington 2.jpg

Craig Bennington

Business and Industry Representative, Treasurer

Textron Aviation

Zach Zimmerman 2.jpg

Zach Zimmerman

Business and Industry Representative

Spirit AeroSystems

"I have seen firsthand, in the workforce, the quality of talent that comes out of SkillsUSA."

Denver Mishler 2.jpg

Denver Mishler

Business, Industry, and Alumni Representative

Textron Aviation & Alumni Association

"I am passionate about SkillsUSA because in todays world we need skilled labor that can take supplies and build a quality functioning product with their hands, tools, and knowledge! The partnerships with SkillsUSA between schools, teachers, and businesses provide a stage for the up and coming talent to present themselves and show Kansas and the Nation what they can do and achieve."

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Dr. Vera Brown

Corporate Representative

Kansas Board of Regents

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Christopher Stevens

Business and Industry Representative

Viavi Solutions

"SkillsUSA is vital to the success of our state and our country. It's focus on helping young people develop the ability to see beyond their own private system and to recognize that they can be a part of something greater is inspiring!"

Crystal Roberts.jpg

Crystal Roberts

Corporate Representative

Kansas Board of Regents

SKillsUSA Framework (1).png

Zach Collins

Business and Industry Representative


"SkillsUSA connects student learning from the CTE classroom, to real work-force skills (technical and leadership) necessary for success."

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Mac Loucks

District 2 Representative

Salina Area Technical College

Kevin Bronson 3.jpg

Kevin Bronson

District 3 Representative

Paola High School

"I believe that the spirit of this country is the hard working blue collar individuals. I feel that the technical skills education are not as well respected and want to help support them as much as I can."

King Headhsot 4.jpg

Jeremy King

District 4 Representative

WSU Tech

SKillsUSA Framework (1).png


District 5 Representative


Jeremiah Harmon.jpg

Jeremiah Harmon

District 6 Representative

Hutchinson Career Technical Education Academy

"I can't say 100% that SkillsUSA is why I am where I am, but I do know it made a difference. I want to ensure that other students have that same opportunity to explore their potential. My favorite saying is, "Not all beginners become experts, but all experts began as beginners." I want to give beginners a chance to become experts."

SKillsUSA Framework (1).png

Roy Shafer

District 7 Representative

Coffeyville Community College

Deb Hargrove 2.jpg

Deb Hargrove

Alumni Representative

Alumni Association

Carey Keller 2.jpg

Carey Keller

Alumni Representative, Secretary

Alumni Association

"SkillsUSA gives students the opportunity to showcase their trade and leadership skills and advance their lives through business and industry partnerships. I love seeing students and advisors passion for our CTSO."

Tori Magnett 2.jpg

Tori Magnett

Alumni Representative

Alumni Association

"SkillsUSA gave me a jump start on my career, and the leadership skills needed to succeed."

Kent Thomas 2.jpg

Kent Thomas

Alumni Representative

Alumni Association

"As a career teacher, I can say that there is nothing more satisfying than watching students "hit their strides" in their personal growth and professional development. Frequently, a student will enter the organization timid, unsure, and lacking self-confidence, and emerge a strong, career-oriented leader. We see this repeatedly in SkillsUSA."

Mark Johnson 2.jpg

Dr. Mark Johnson


SkillsUSA Honorary Life Member

"SkillsUSA helped set my career on the national level. By serving as a National Officer, National Alumni Chair, National Board Member, and now National Honorary Life Member, it opened doors for me as a recognized Training Consultant across the United States and Canada. Without SkillsUSA, that never would have happened."

SKillsUSA Framework (1).png

Jillene Cunningham

Facilities Host Representative

Hutchinson Community College

Travis Riebel 2.jpg

Travis Riebel

Facilities Host Representative

Hutchinson Career Technical Education Academy

Nathan McClanahan.jpg

Nathan McClanahan

Facilities Host Representative

Kansas State Fair Grounds

"SkillsUSA allows young professionals to gain first-hand experience with industry, trade associations and labor organizations. I love how SkillsUSA helps individuals showcase career and technical education."

2022 - 2023
Kansas Board of Directors

Becky Warren

Crystal Roberts, Kansas Board of Regents

Dr. Vera Brown, Kansas Board of Regents


Craig Bennington, Textron Aviation

Rod Murphy, DEPCO, LLC, President

Zach Zimmerman, Spirit AeroSystems

Christopher Stevens, Viavi Solutions

Zach Collins, Snap-on

Becky Warren, Director

Jillene Cunningham, HCC Facilities Host Rep
Nathan McClanahan, Kansas State Fairgrounds

Dr. Mark JohnsonConsultant

District 1 (NW)

District 2 (NC), Mac Loucks, Salina Area Technical College

District 3 (NE), Kevin Bronson, Tonganoxie High School

District 4 (W), Jeremy King, WSU Tech

District 5 (SW), 

District 6 (SC), Jeremiah Harmon, Hutchinson Career Technical Education Academy

District 7 (SE), Roy Shafer, Coffeyville Community College

Travis Riebel, Hutchinson Career Technical Education Academy

Deb Hargrove, Alumni

Kent Thomas, Alumni

Tori Magnett, Alumni

Carey Keller, Alumni and Secretary

Denver Mishler, Alumni and Business Industry, Textron Aviation

Kansas State Director

Becky Warren is a Public Service Executive serving as the SkillsUSA Kansas State Advisor since 2013.
Her role is to support the integration of Career Technical Student Organizations within the classroom, to provide teaching and learning through innovative programs, business and industry and community partnerships and leadership experiences at the school, state and national levels. Becky supports Career Technical Educators as together they strive to support the Kansas Vision in leading the world in the success of each student.

Mrs. Warren earned an Associate in Arts in Elementary Education, then went on for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Information Systems and a Master Degree in Business Administration at Friends University. 

Prior to working for the Kansas Department of Education, Becky spent thirteen years at Labette Community College serving in many roles such as, Adjunct Instructor, Perkins Coordinator, Research Specialist, and Project Assistant serving Business and Industry Partners. Before working at Labette Community College, Becky owned and ran her own business, “Country Cakes” for fifteen years.
Becky Warren 2.jpg

The 2023 SkillsUSA Kansas Theme

The SkillsUSA Kansas Board of Directors is a select group of individuals, dedicated to making a difference in the lives of students. 

Our goal is to ensure that every student can end 2023 "Our Time is Now"
OurTimeIsNow_FullColor_2x (2).png

Become a Board Member

Interested in joining as a SkillsUSA Kansas Board Memebr?

Complete the form below to apply as a future SkillsUSA Kansas Board Member and serve students in Kansas for years to come. 

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